At the heart of a great Tour Bus Audio System is the "PA".  We recognize that and only offer you the best in PAs. 
Tour Bus Audio Systems / Bus PAs / PAs for Bus Tours
  Need a Tour Bus PA System,  a radio/pa system for your tour van.  How about a wireless headset for your Charter Bus.  Here at Tour Bus Radio Supply you can find these and more.  We carry only the best made products from the top manufactures like REI, ASA, CRC and Ready 2 Talk. Products for the smallest one vehicle owner to the largest fleet owner. TBRS can furnish and support your unique requirements for your industry.  Browse through our tour guide equipment brands for just the right part. If you need help use the Toll Free Number to contact us.  To enhance your shopping experience, TBRS has bundled as a COMBO some of the most popular bus PA systems saving you time and money.
Tour Bus Pa and Radios
  We are constantly in the hunt for the latest in bus PA systems.  The industry is saturated with choices that sometimes don't fit your needs.  The owner that has a small fleet is always looking for a way to deliver their services with quality equipment at fair prices.  A customer can usually tell when your tour guide equipment is old or worn out.  A paying customer isn't looking for excuses for your failed equipment.  They are there to enjoy the tour.  Take a look at your tour bus PA for instant.  Does the mike make unwanted noise when keyed.  Does the cord have a short in it so your voice cuts out abruptly.  Do you have to change your presentation because something doesn't work correctly? These issues are common.  Repair or replace.  Changing your tour presentation is easier with newer products that offer more features.
  Simple usually is best.  Name brand products are best.  We offer name brands from REI, ASA, CRC and Ready2Talk.  Over 200 years combined in the business of communicational Bus Audio equipment.
  If you are just starting out and need to equipment just one vehicle we have PA systems for bus tours for less than $150.00.  Need a little help putting together your system?  Use our  Get A Quote  Form. Here you can send us the necessary info we need to compile a list of the tour guide equipment.  The quote will also include a price with discounts if possible. We are here to help you get started.  Check out this list of 10 steps to help you get started in the exciting and profitable Tour Guide Business.
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