Tour Bus Mikes
SALE Price: $315.00
PA 5 Portable
Introducing the coolest and easiest way to install a PA System into your vehicle. Added to your factory radio this will save you 100s of dollars and a lot of time.  Add a mike to the PA 5 Portable and you have a complete Portable PA for your tour vehicle.
Ready2Talk PA
This product like the other products manufacture by Ready 2 Talk PA System line gives the DIY customer a PA System, Bus Mike with the same quality until now was only obtained by the professional installer.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the products. This 25yr old company  will give you a new perspective on DIY PA products.
Lets start with the PA 5 Portable.  The most popular model that connects in a few minutes with stereos with a AUX 3.5mm input on the face. Being portable it can be added or remove to a different vehicle when needed if you are on a budget. Now offers adjustable music muting when using a HS 30M headset or PSM 4C hand mic.  to stereos with a front ipod input. Also features a 2 mic input.   Cost  $315.00.
Quick Instructions
Ready 2 Talk Handheld Mike
Ready2Talk Mike Extension
Wire Instructions
To complete your PA 5 System you will need a mike.  Ready 2 Talk offers a hand-held version (PSM 4C) or a headset version wired (HS 30M) or the New wireless bluetooth headset (HS BT2)

NOTE:  YOU NEED A PA 5 PORTABLE OR PA5 or a PA5AV to make a PA system  Add at least 1 of the 3 mikes below to complete your system.
If you don't have a AUX input on your factory radio there is still a ...OPTION
SALE Price: $49.00
Add this condenser Hand bus mike to your PA 5. 
Features a 3 ft rubber curly cord with 4 pin locking connector
Plugs into the fitting on top of the PA 5
Works with the PA 4 & 5 Portable, PA 4 & 5, PA 4+ and PA 4 + 24volt
If you need an extension cable see PSM4 under additional acc for this product
Ready2Talk Headset
SALE Price: $69.00
Need to free up your hands.  Then add this wired Headset
Features a durable Comfortable Condenser Heaset with a behind the head metal band and 6 ft. wirer
Also has a inline On/Off switch
Plugs into the fitting on top of the PA 4
Works with the PA 4 & 5 Portable, PA 4 & 5, PA 4+ and PA 4 + 24volt
If you need an extension cable see PSM4 under additional acc for this product
We have combo pricing on the PA 5 Portable and others.  Save money.                                  SEE COMBOS
Additional PA Systems
Additional Accessories
SALE Price: $79.00
Rear Mic Input Extension Cable
Now you can have a front bus mike for the driver and a second mic socket for the times when you have an extra guide with you.  This extension cable connects with the PA 4+ and PA 4 + 24 volt, then you can operate the front, back or both mics with no loss of sound.
SALE Price: $99.00
Remote Mounting Kit
RMK Remote Mounting Kit
The PA 4 / RMK includes the iPod input socket, on-off switch and 4 pin mic socket on a dash board mounting plate.  Now you can hide your PA 4 and turn your PA system in to a custom designed PA and still have all the features of a regular PA 4!  Custom is Good.
Ready2Talk Extension Mike Cable
Extension Mic Cable (15ft) for the times when you need an extra long mic cable.  Works with all Ready 2 Talk Mikes
SALE Price: $79.00
Extension Mic Cable
READY2Talk OEM Headset Replacement
High quality Dyanamic Headset with behind the head fit with 4 pin XLR plug for full sizes MCI, Prevost, highway coach busses.   This is a custom built headset featuring a high quality SHURE mike
SALE Price: $179.00
WH 20 4pin XLR
PA 5 Portable + PSM 4C ---------------------- Regular Price $363.00 COMBO Price: $345.00
SAVE $17.00 + Bundled Shipping
PA 5 + PSM 4C ---------------------- Regular Price $363.00 COMBO Price: $345.00
              SAVE $17.00 + Bundled Shipping
READY2TALK PA500 Upgrade Headset
SALE Price: $249.00
Jensen Upgrade PA500 Headset
Upgrade to a Dynamic Headset to your Jensen PA 500 with this kit.  Includes Shure headset and 3 ft. extension cable and custom mounting plate with mic switch 
Jensen PA
SALE Price: $322.00
SAVE $17+ Combo Shipping
R2T PA500 Headset + PA500
Purchase both as a COMBO Here
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  Adding a PA System to your factory radio has never been so easy.  Most vehicles have a decent factory radio indash so why would you want to go to the expense to change it to have a PA System
Supplying Tour Bus Mikes, Tour Bus PAs, Tour Guide Microphones for your Trolley, Bus, Van "DIY Customers welcome"
Purchase your tour bus mike or Tour bus PA system as a bundle and save!
PA 5AV Layout
PA 5AV User Manual
PA 5AV Wire Code
PA 5AV PA System
Ready2Talk has not forgotten the video users out there either.  Introducing the BEST PA offered from this manufacture
SALE Price: $399.00
Additional Info from the Manufacture:

"Like all R2T PA’s, we intend for the stereo it connects to is turned on to the AUX mode and left there during the tour.  Therefore you don’t need to replace the in dash stereo with an expensive unit with a DVD player, if you do that goes against the concept.  I have attached a flow chart showing how the layout is designed and the schematic.  If your customer understands this and follows this it’s works wonderfully."

The new PA 5AV is the most advanced version to date.  Think of it as a funnel with the TV at the top.  All video players, (DVD, iPad, or flash player with memory stick) connect directly to the TV inputs.  The RCA Audio Output from the TV connects to the Input on the PA 5AV.  The mics and all music sources (iPad, iPhone or MP3 player) connect into the AUX input on the front of the PA 5AV.  The output from the PA 5AV connect to the AUX input on the stereo (like the factory Ford stereo on an E series chassis bus).

SO when you are playing video on the TV or music from your iPhone, when you turn on the HS 30M headset, PSM 4C hand mic or the new HS BT2 wireless mic, the TV or music will automatically mute.  From the factory the muting is set at 100% but there are two separate adjustment pots on the PCB, one for the TV and one for the music so you can change the amount of muting from 0% to 100%.  Also, there is an input gain pot for the TV input from .5 to 2V and a built in isolating transformer so you can connect ANY type of TV and there will be NO Noise.

Since DVD’s are dying off and more customers are wanting to play video from iPads, with the PA 5AV you are set up for now and the future.  BUT if the customer doesn’t get the concept and installs a in dash DVD player… the PA 5AV won’t work.  Just leave the factory or cheap in dash stereo, put it and leave it in AUX mode, then you can do cool things.  You can use one or two mics, wired or wireless all with full adjustable muting.

What is music mute upgrade and how does it work  On the PA 5 Portable and PA 5, it’s the same concept, play music from your iPhone into the AUX input on the front of the PA 5 and when the mic is turned on… the music is automatically muted.  Like above the muting is set at 100% but it can be adjusted if wished.  COOL!
PA 5AV Concept
PA 5AV Schematic
PA 5AV DVD Stereo Installation Pic
GN 17C Gooseneck Mic
This high performance, low profile 17″ Gooseneck mic comes with a 15 ft. cable, dash mounted switch and connects directly to the PA 64 or PA 5 Series systems through the 4 pin mic plug on the PA.  It’s the perfect mic for the times when you need a hands free mic rather than a headset.
SALE Price: $249.00
GN 17C
SALE Price: $315.00
PA 5
PA4 la
PA 5
Same as the popular PA 5 Portable except with RCA output and power plugs when you want a more permanent installation.  Perfect for stereos with rear RCA AUX inputs.  (3.5mm to RCA front AUX adaptor cable included for Ford and Chevy vans with factory stereos 2009 and up).  You can use all the mikes listed above with this product. RCA AUX inputs are usually found on aftermarket radios only.
PA 5 Quick Instructions
PA 5 Wire Code
PA 5 Recommended Layout
Behind the ear version.  Now you can wear your hat!
Finally there is a truly wireless headset that is easy to use and sounds amazing.  Honestly!  The headset has 30ft. operating range and 8 hrs. of talk time on a 3 hr. charge via a USB cable that connects to the receiver Dongle.
Just plug the Dongle into the 4 pin mic socket on any of the Ready2Talk PA 5 systems (last years PA 4’s too) and the PA gives the Dongle the power so no batteries are required.  Turn on the headset and they sync automatically in 3 seconds.
Like all Ready2Talk microphones there is an on/off switch for private conversations and it will trigger the muting function when playing music or video into your PA.
The HS BT2 is a game changer for the sightseeing world.  One more thing that makes Ready2Talk the new industry standard.
SALE Price: $279.00
HS BT2  Quick Instructions
The ultimate PA system for video on mini busses or vans and it can be connected two different ways either through AUX input on your stereo or with an external amplifier.  If your vehicle has an aftermarket in dash Stereo/ DVD combo, the PA 5AV Amp package is the one for you.
If your stereo isn’t a DVD player but has an AUX input connection, this is the way to go.  It allows you to play video from an iPad into your Monitor / TV and with the PA 5AV have the sound play through your factory in dash stereo.  Turn on the microphone and it will automatically mute the sound from your iPad.
Unlike ALL other PA’s, the PA 5AV offers adjustable muting so if you want… cut the sound down 50% rather than killing the sound completely.  It’s a nice touch.  Want to play music from your iPhone or MP3?  Like all of our Ready2Talk PA’s, it also includes a front AUX input socket allowing you to connect your iPad or iPhone and play music of your choice while on tour, with adjustable muting as well.
Now you can be even more creative and enhance your tour experience with video whether you use a DVD, iPad or a Flash Player. Check out both PA 5AV “Layout Diagrams” for design ideas
If your existing PA system is holding you back… now is the time to change to the PA 5AV no matter what you drive.
SALE Price: $79.00
Mic Y Adaptor
Ever wanted to use two mics on the same PA system?  No problem, now you can without any loss of sound or volume.  With this microphone Y adaptor just plug in any two of out mics… even our wireless HS BT2!
SALE Price: $249.00
REI HK Headset Kit
High quality Dynamic Headset for Highway Coaches with a comfortable and durable behind the head headband so you can still wear a hat.  With a 6 ft. cable and an adaptor cable with a switch and 4 pin XLR plug, it’s perfect for full sizes MCI, Prevost, highway coaches.

You’ll be a LOT safer and sound better than that old hand mic too.
HS 30M  Quick Instructions
PA RMK Wiring Diagram
For REI radios only
HM BT2 Digital Wireless Hand Mic

Finally there is a wireless hand mic that is easy to use, reasonably priced and sounds amazing… Honestly!  The HM BT2 uses the wireless same technology as our successful HS BT2 wireless headset but with a bigger battery it offers more than 12 hrs. of continuous talk time on a 4 hr. charged via a USB cable that connects to the receiver Dongle.

Just plug the receiver Dongle into the 4 pin mic socket on any of the Ready2Talk PA 5 systems (last years PA 4’s too) and the PA gives the Dongle the power so no batteries are required.  Turn on the hand mic and it syncs automatically within 3 seconds, so start talking and walking around with over 30 ft. of operating range.
For private conversations, there is an on/off switch on both the mic and the Dongle and when you use the switch on the Dongle it will automatically trigger the muting function when playing music or video into your PA.  (just ask us how)

The HM BT2 is the perfect set up for step on guides that are talking all day or maybe you want to start a Karaoke tour???  Then use our PA 5AV with the one or two HM BT2’s and you’ll and your guests will be Ready2Sing.
SALE Price: $279.00
HM BT2 Wireless Hand Mic
"This headset will also work on the JHD1630B and JHD3630BTB"
SALE Price: $69.00
Ready 2 Talk Handheld Mike
PA 5
Wireless Headset
Ready2Talk Headset
SALE Price: $179.00
HS 10
Replaceable headset for the Upgrade PA500 System
If you have a PA500 Headset Upgrade and need to replace just the headset, this is the one.  Works only with the Upgrade PA500 components.
If your Transit Van Sync 3 Sound System is missing the AUX input socket… don’t despair, the TAK is what you need.  This kit comes with everything you’ll need to add an AUX input socket to your existing stereo through the antenna input with no interference.  Once installed you can use ANY of our Ready2Talk PA systems.  This can be easily installed by any garage, local stereo installer or you can too, if your a bit handy. Just requires removal of radio to get at the antenna connection.
SALE Price: $149.00
(The TAK is special adapted to the Transit Van but will operate on any factory radio that needs a AUX input and does not have one.  The antenna adaptor cables are added for your specific vehicle and you have the same application for yours.  Give us a call so we can furnish your needs for this.  Will need the year and model of the vehicle Call 866.424.0575)
R2T Gooseneck Mike
LOOKING FOR A STAND ALONE AWESOME PA?  Take a look at the new PA 64A from R2T