These PA Systems can drive inside or outside speakers or both.  Use proper PA Speakers for outside applications
                                                  Here you will find a variety of Stand-a-lone PA Systems and interfaceable PAs.  Hook to one or more speakers or wire the item thru a stereo for a interface version.  This version will usually over-ride the sound that was playing thru the radio before you key the mike.
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REI 700829
Complete Simple REI panel mount PA.  Cut out a hole and mount indash or in a panel for a custom look in a Tour or Charter Bus PA.

•12 Volt
25 Watt power output
•Single channel
•Volume control
•Interior/exterior speaker selection switch (not included on the 2″ x 7″ panel)

PA System Includes: Handheld Carbon Microphone w/3′ Coiled Cable - 4 Pin Straight CB Style Connector #480024
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REI 700829
If you are looking for the most advanced Bus PA System we sell, look no farther than the PA64 from Ready2Talk. 
PA 64
PA 64 Amplified PA System

Have a bus with an in dash stereo or DVD player and your existing PA doesn’t cut it?  Or maybe you want to upgrade to a headset or wireless mic… maybe two at the same time?  The PA 64 can do that and a lot more!   Now you can have a great sounding PA system to match any stereo, factory / aftermarket / DVD player or use the PA 64 as a stand alone PA system.
It will give you better sound quality than any other PA system made with its 4 x 50 Watt amplifier.  For convenience it also has a dual mic input, separate mic volume and a variable solid state muting control that will automatically mute your music or video from 0 - 100% when the mic is turned on.
Check out the RME (rear mic extension) for a step on guide or the RMK (remote mounting kit) and hide the PA 64 for a custom look.  Want to mount it upside down or vertically… no problem, there is an extra front plate with reverse printing included in the box.
Now you can be even more creative and enhance your tour experience with video… or just ditch the old hand mic and move up to a wired headset or a wireless hand mic or headset or two mics?  You won’t believe the sound improvement.
If your existing Bus PA system is holding you back… now is the time to change to the PA 64, no matter what you drive.
BUY NOW $399.00
PA 64 Amplified PA System
View Owners Manuals as well as related install info...
2 microphone inputs
50 Watt power output
XLR priority microphone input overrides Mini-Fit secondary microphone input
Volume control and AUX audio input (1 channel)
Separate internal/external volume control and AUX audio inputw/speaker selectability (2 channel)
Approved OEM standard option equipment
8″L x 3.125″W x 1.75″H
Will work with 1 or 2 speakers inside or outside
REI 700829
REI 2 Channel PA Amplifier
700890 + 511919 + 2) 511920 + 480015
Included with this Bus PA System is a 511919, 18" power connector and 2) 24" Speaker Pigtails, 511920 and a handheld style REI mike, 480015 with a 5' coiled cable.  This makes a working Bus or Charter tour PA.
BUY NOW $285.00
REI 700890 Complete
To make this a complete PA you will need to add at least 1 mike from R2T
Jensen JPA600
BUY NOW  $109.99
  Replaces the older model PA500.  2 Wire - 12VDC switched power 4 Channel Audio Amplifier with Public Address (PA) Universal harness leads Compatible with JMICHND for volume control instead of integrated volume knob 4 Ohm ~ 8 Ohm Stable Frequency Response 100Hz ~ 10KHz 10 Amp Fuse in holder Universal PA, works with any 4 channel stereo or standalone. Installation: In-line between existing stereo & speakers Automatically interrupts stereo audio when mic is keyed Dimensions: 3.0”W x 1.9”H x 4.0”D.  Just slightly larger than a 2 packs of cigarettes.
4 Channels 25watts per, 4 ohm load, 10 amp Max, 100-10,000 Frequency Resp.
Owners Manual
REI 750407 PA
REI 4 Channel PA Kit w/Mic. 
- Output - 42x4 watts /4 ohms max
- Current Consumption 200mA idle / 10A max
- Power Supply 10 to 18 VDC (negative ground)
Load Impedance 4 to 8 ohms
Dimensions (WxHxD)-  2.05" x 1.88" x 4
Weight 14.5 oz

710701 (4 channel PA amp), #480343( Dynamic Hand Held Mic), and 512903(Dynamic Mic jack)
includes 2 small mounting brackest